When you meet participants of a new project, I suggest you say: “Welcome everybody! Thank you for your interest in being part of a social-specific theatre production. At the end of a number of workshops and rehearsals, there will be a show. That means that you all will perform for an audience. We will not rehearse a play. We do not even have any text written in advance. 

You will be the authors of your stage presentation. Let us combine technical abilities with your own texts and movement. In the lighting, sound and theatre workshops you will get the tools for your own creation. My team and I will help you to get through this journey. I will never tell you what to feel or what to express.” That is how I started the rehearsals of Those Who Speak for Themselves.

  • Never say: “I want you to do …”
  • Always encourage: “Try it!”
  • Then: “Let’s see together whether it works or not and why.