Important Aspects of Working with Personal Stories

Always remember that in social-specific work your text consists of personal stories and privacy should be respected. Your participants have the biggest say in determining which parts to include in the work. You should create an environment of trust during the work so that they should also feel comfortable trusting you with their stories. This requires a continuous dialogue between the participants and the creator regarding the text at every stage of the creative work. 

The Final Production Those Who Speak for Themselves

Based on these exercises, we built the production. Gradually, the performers chose where they will position themselves in two open and interconnected halls of the theatre. Considering their positions, I came up with the idea that the production would take the form of an installation in which the audience will be able to move freely. In the show, the performers tell their stories simultaneously in groups of three, in pairs or as a solo. They must be aware that the audience’s attention oscillates between theatrical actions and intimate recordings on mobile phones, which are located at different points of the space. This requires an interplay, which can only be achieved via extreme listening and perception of space both as a whole and in detail. The performance consists of repeating parts within both the Introduction and Interlude sections and ends with a joint Finale. Because the performers themselves organize the transformation of the stage during the performance, they control the lights and the sound, so their presence on the stage becomes very natural and authentic.