Jana Svobodová

Jana Svobodová graduated from Prague Theatre Academy. As a director Jana Svobodová has focused on projects that are based on cooperation between professional artists and representatives of specific social groups. She worked with refugees, Roma community, citizens of the rural town, inhabitants of the South African townships, hip-hopers or scientists. Since 2004 she has been focused on the theme of foreigners who are looking for a new home in the Czech Republic. Her projects have been presented at festivals in the Czech Republic as well as in US, Japan, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovenia and other countries. The performance Ordinary People she co-directed with Wen Hui has been presented at the main program of Festival D’Avignon 2019 and festival D‘Automne in Paris 2019.

Together with Ondrej Hrab she co creates the dramaturgical strategy for the Archa theatre.

She is the artistic director and the teacher of the Archa.Lab – Centre for theatre research and artistic director of The Internatioanl School of Theatre in Social Context. Since 2010 she has been an artistic director of the international festival of the documentary theatre AKCENT.