I would like to thank those who have contributed to the preparation of this methodological workbook.

The content of this book was shaped together with my editor, Merve Mutafoğlu, who reflected on my working methodology. She observed my work with untrained performers in various performances as well as how I teach at the International Summer School on Theatre in Social Context, which she coordinates. I would like to thank Jakub Hrab who created the graphic design of this book and the online content. He also photographed most of the visuals that appear in this book. 

My thanks also go to Ondřej Hrab for providing comments on the first draft. Ondřej is also the dramaturg of the shows presented here. Robert Palmer, a long-time follower and important adviser of my work as well as a board member of the Archa Theatre, read and reflected on the book and helped me bring it into its final shape. Thanks also Henk Keizer, one of my long-time collaborators, for providing his valuable feedback. I am also grateful to Lise Grimelund-Kjelsen, one of the partners of the Those Who Speak for Themselves project, for her input on the material, both as a former student of the summer school and a current collaborator. Thanks also to Andre Swoboda for editing the language.

I wish to thank the peoples of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, who made possible the creation of this book with their support through the EEA Grants.

This work would not be possible without the collaboration of the artistic team of Those Who Speak for Themselves: Pavel Kotlik, Ladislav Štěrba, Jan Sedláček, Michal Nejtek, and production manager Romana Sekáčova. I also want to thank the performers: Ivana Blašková, Zuzana Drápalová, Zuzana Lapšanská, Lara Hereu-Macho, Hana Kokšalová, Nikola Križková, Pavlína Müllerová, Jane Scalabroni, Hana Slaninová, Eliška Šíchová, Lucie Vrbíková and Martina Marie Živá. They provided their invaluable stories and co-created the show. 

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who collaborated on my previous shows as well as my students. I have been able to systematize my experience in social-specific theatre and create a teaching scheme thanks to the experience I accumulated with their participation.